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Gretchen F.

I would give it 6 stars out of 5 on Yelp if that was a rating! Upon arrival, you are always greeted by the staff with a warm smile and welcoming demeanor. Dr. Sawhney is professional, knowledgeable and, caring. I discovered Dr. Sawhney through a referral from my massage therapist, Kate at Body Eclectic Massage. I had been through a bad snowboarding accident a few years earlier and continued to have chronic neck pain, which translated into bad headaches and other muscle tightness (everything in the body is related, I’ve learned!) Dr. Sawhney has done wonders for me these past few months. After trying other chiropractors in the past without success or relief, Dr. Sawhney has me on the path back to health. My headaches are gone, and each adjustment brings me closer to proper alignment again!

Even if you haven’t experienced a major injury, just from daily exercise and routine the human spine can be out of alignment, so I recommend Dr. Sawhney and his services to everyone! The office continuously hosts educations seminars and dinners to education their clients on different health topics and tips; a great additional perk to being a client at this fantastic place of business! I highly recommend Divine Spine Chiropractic and Dr. Sawhney’s miracle adjustments.

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