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Divine Spine is home to a team of brilliant chiropractors. We specialize in the treatment of the spine and the normalization of the nervous system flow. Utilizing NASA technology, we are able to analyze the entire spine and deliver gentle and effective adjustments without any twisting, popping, or sudden movements. Rest assured that with us, you are in safe, reliable hands. We welcome people of all ages including babies to our clinic, individuals and families of all ethnicities and the LGBTQ community. We are able to provide consults in English, Spanish, Hindi and Punjabi. However we only accept PPO or Cash patients. If you have been involved in an accident, we will be happy to work with your insurance provider and provide the appropriate medical reports for your personal injury legal case.

Meet Dr. Ajay K. Sawhney, D.C.

Dr. Ajay K. Sawhney, D.C.


Founder of two Divine Spine locations in Orange County, California, Dr. Sawhney has transformed 100s of lives from pain and suffering to joy in everyday living. He is the proud owner of Divine Spine Yorba Linda and Divine Spine Orange Hills.

Dr. Sawhney graduated in 2000 from Southern California University of Health Sciences with his Doctor of Chiropractic. He also received his Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology with an emphasis in Neuroscience and Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Sawhney currently resides in Southern California with his beautiful wife and two children. In his free time outside of his practice, you can find him golfing, going to Laker’s games, and traveling around the world.

He was inspired to open Divine Spine due to a debilitating disorder he experienced for nine months. He suffered from benign positional vertigo with pulsatory tinnitus which is a heart beating sensation that occurs in the ear. After seeking help from multiple specialists and being prescribed several prescriptions, matters started to get worse. Dr. Sawhney was told his last option was surgery with no guarantee for success. With this option in hand, he then met Dr. Gauba, founder of Divine Spine. With Dr. Gauba’s encouragement for spinal x-rays, the root cause of the problem was diagnosed. Dr. Sawhney received corrective care treatment of spine and joint therapy and is living pain and vertigo free. Dr. Sawhney is now able to enjoy life to its full potential and provide the same care for his patients.

Meet Nichole

Nichole Harvey

Office Manager Orange Hills

Hi, I am Nichole.  I am the office manager at Divine Spine in Orange Hills.  I have the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Sawhney for 5 years and absolutely respect the dedication to the care and well-being he has for all of his patients.  

My role is to graciously welcome you and your family into our new state of the art office.  I will listen to your concerns and help facilitate a treatment schedule that will fit with you and your family’s busy life.  I also assist Dr. Sawhney with teaching Divine Spine’s home stretches and exercises that are designed to compliment the treatments received in our office.  It is our experience that when patients, Doctors and staff work together as a team, our patient’s health goals are reached faster and it lessens our patient’s dependency on in-office adjustments.  Finding the root cause of your pain and discomfort is paramount in helping reach your goals!  Dr. Sawhney excels in seeking out the true reasons for your pain.  Another one of my duties is to educate people as to how receiving Computerized Spine and Joint Therapy at Divine Spine is changing people’s lives for the better.   I would love to meet you and your family and show you the many benefits of starting care at Divine Spine.

Meet Hailey

Hailey Sipes

Wellness Coordinator

Hailey Sipes currently has her associates degree in Medical Science. She attended Platt College where she studied sonography and loved specializing in Obstetrics. She will be continuing with school to work more in depth with postpartum care.

When Ms. Sipes is not at Divine Spine, she takes part in various activities. She recently got engaged and is planning her wedding. She can be found at bridal boutiques or cake testings. She has yet to find a venue, but is enjoying the process of planning.

Working at Divine Spine has allowed Ms. Sipes to pursue a deeper connection to patients in pain. She is passionate about helping patients on their journey to a healthy spine and improving their quality of life.

Meet Sydney

Sydney Harvey

Wellness Coordinator

Sydney Harvey pursued her dreams to work in Special Education the moment she turned 18. Throughout her 4 years of working within TUSD, she gained knowledge in Behavioral Therapy/Intervention, and her compassion for others only grew.

When not working in the clinic, you may find Sydney writing, drumming, or watching her favorite movie, School of Rock. She has also kept a close relationship with some children from the school she previously worked for and volunteers to be their caretaker.

Working at Divine Spine has guided Sydney down a new path of helping people in need. She has learned the importance of optimal health and helping people find it here at Divine Spine. Her vision is to share this knowledge, health, and compassion with all the patients that walk through our doors.

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