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Waking up each day to “get by” with back or neck pain can be excruciating. In addition to pain, your range of movement may be significantly affected.  The most unconscious, seemingly harmless movements and tasks suddenly become your daily Everest. Taking out the trash, holding your baby, picking up the keys you just dropped, sitting in your car through traffic – all involuntary movements and typical daily actions that take on new meaning when pain is involved.  

Back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days annually. Up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives, and lose an average of two full workdays due to nerve pain derived from the spinal cord.  For so long the approach to medicine and our bodies has been to address problems or pain only when the circumstance becomes unbearable, and ultimately requires immediate attention.

Consider though, how quality of life stands to be significantly improved by taking preventative measures.  The spinal cord consists of nerves that carry messages between the brain and the rest of the body. When injured, or even without injury, but as a result of a poor repetitive movement that we are all prone to doing daily, those nerve messages start translating into muscle pain and nerve spasms. Preventative medicine is the best way to take care of your body, fend off pain and prevent an injury. With chiropractic care, mobility and range of motion can be drastically improved along with quality of life.

People often fear chiropractic care because of the “popping” or “cracking” sounds associated with treatment. At Divine Spine in Yorba Linda, Dr. Sawhney uses the latest advancement in chiropractic care to treat patients of all ages.  Dr. Sawhney is the principal spine specialist of Divine Spine. He first analyzes the entire spine by taking an x-ray and follows with a gentle treatment that uses the technology to deliver percussioned vibrations into the targeted areas. Patients receive adjustments without having to hear popping sounds in their body or experiencing any sudden movements.  

No one ever wants to get to the point where surgery becomes the only way out of pain. The idea of getting to a physical state in which surgery is no longer a matter of maybe, but must is frightening. Risks associated with surgery can include blood clots, bleeding and not to mention a possible allergic reaction to anesthesia.  And since people experiencing pain who are older become more vulnerable to the risks associated with surgery with age, finding methods to avoid unnecessary procedures is a high priority.

Not only are there risks associated with surgery, but the post-operation risks to be considered can weigh heavy on an individual as well. The time to recover interferes with work, and the pain of post-op will likely include prescription drugs that are often a form of opioid medication. In the U.S. alone, loss of life from prescription overdose has increased.  

Ninety-four percent of patients of chiropractic care are known to have experienced a reduction in pain, compared to over half who addressed pain with traditional medicine.  Preventative, gentle, holistic care is not only possible but it is readily available. The Divine Spine office in Yorba Linda, central between Riverside and Los Angeles counties, is the only chiropractic office in all of Orange County to offer the latest technology.  The treatment uses an EVA (Electronic Vertebral Alignment) system, a non-invasive procedure that helps to relieve chronic and acute pain and discomfort that stems from spinal issues.

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