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Dr. Ajay K. Sawhney​

Dr. Ajay K. Sawhney, D.C.


Thank you for taking the time to review our website, our philosophy and my personal passion to help people feel better, move better and function better. I look forward to meeting with you in person and the opportunity to help you!

My whole “why” in doing this started when I suffered tremendously for nine months from a debilitating disorder.  According to my symptoms the diagnosis was benign positional vertigo with pulsatory tennitus.  Vertigo is a sensation of spinning dizziness, which crippled me from going to work and doing things with my family for nearly nine months. I also felt my heart beating in my right ear. I was referred from a medical doctor to a neurologist then to a ear nose throat specialist. The different specialist ordered MRI and CT scans of my head. I was prescribed several prescription drugs that only made things worse.  Since all the studies were negative the ENT then suggested an exploratory surgery, where he would cut open my right ear drum and go in with a camera searching for a problem. The surgery would have no guarantees at all.  The side effects from the surgery included partial to complete hearing loss and the possibility of infection which could lead to permanent brain damage.  This was after the CT scan of my inner ear and MRI of my brain showed no medical issues.  The doctor suggested to cut me open my ear drum to probe.  My wife and I were devastated with the suggestion, we had two very young children to raise. I could not practice, my life was in turmoil, until I met with Dr. Gauba, founder of Divine Spine. He encouraged me to get my neck properly examined with digital X-rays and true enough there were serious issues with my spine in the upper neck area that were causing my health issues.

Several things about my spine in the neck area was not right, and I learnt more about the root cause of my problem. Instead of examining my head, the doctors now focused on my spine. The diagnosis was now clear and I was able to receive the right treatment plan. To cut a long story short, I got to the root cause of the problem and was cured. It was not my brain or inner ear,  it was my spine in the area that supported my head. After corrective care of my spine my symptoms stated to disappear. I was once again able to work, exercise, spend quality time with my family and enjoy my life!

The Lesson Here

I keep asking myself this – what if I did go for surgery, lost my hearing and have been brain damaged?  With science and technology , we have the opportunity to discover the root cause of a problem. We just need to know where to look!  Not everything requires surgery. Our brain controls every single organ, cell and tissue in our body! The spine holds our body together and protects our central nervous system so that the innate power from our brain can flow to the rest of the body. If there is pain or dysfunction in your body there may be an issue with your spine. Like in my case, there could be a subluxation or several subluxations in your spine. A subluxation is a joint problem in the spine that affects and irritates a nerve. Getting to the root cause of your spine problem is key and until you do so, it will always be there! Many of us mask it with pain killers, heat or ice packs, but we need to understand what is causing the pain or the dysfunction. I’m happy to share with you more when you come to meet me in person.

Today, my passion and goal each and every day is to help people achieve optimal health and express their full genetic potential in the most natural way. Surgery may be an option but it can also have devastating side effects. I was told I could be brain damaged! It is a scary path to take. At Divine Spine, we provide treatments that are gentle, that are non-surgical. I help people live their lives to the fullest by treating pain caused by spine issues. This includes the neck, upper back and lower back. Many of our patients are in severe pain, some common symptoms include headaches, neck pain, vertigo, lower back pain, sciatica, shooting pain down the leg or tingling in fingers, all of which may be treated using Divine Spine’s spinal therapy technology.

The doctors at Divine Spine are non surgical spine specialists. We do not twist or pop the spine, we offer a very different type of chiropractic treatment, for more information read about it HERE. To find out more about how our treatment applies to you, make an appointment for a complimentary consultation. I will personally assess your situation and let you know if I can offer a path to recovery…..and if I cannot help you, I will refer you to the doctor that can best help you. But first, lets evaluate and assess your condition.

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