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NO we do not pop or twist the spine, we use a very gentle but effective method to spine therapy.

Our computerized spine and joint therapy is gentle and comfortable. There can be mild pain when we work with arthritic joints, fibromyalgia cases, and acute injury. In other words, even if you are in severe pain, you can receive our treatments. When we are dealing with scar tissue and old injuries; the treatments involve the breaking down of unhealthy tissues, so the body may feel slight pains. If the practitioner thinks your treatment will be painful, we will let you know before we start.

Our treatment is very gentle, our doctors will evaluate your condition and recommend the best treatment plan for you. There is no twisting or popping of the spine. Our best advice here is to come in for an initial complimentary assessment.

Yes we can. We will also educate you on what is actually happening with your spine. All initial consults are complimentary, we will assess and guide you through next steps. Our focus is to get to the root cause of your problem.

In most cases yes we can, we will provide you with an initial complimentary assessment that will confirm your treatment plan with us. 

Depending on what your condition is, we will need to assess what is causing you to have restricted motion in your neck. It is important to assess your condition, your lifestyle and habits. Our doctors will guide you through our treatment program. We have helped many people with neck issues and have restored motion.

Yes we treat sports injuries that cause pain in the neck or back area. Come in for a complimentary assessment and we will provide you with our recommendations on an appropriate treatment plan. If you have x-rays, please bring them in or we can also take more at our clinic.

We are sorry you are in so much pain. Sciatica pain can be very stressful and crippling. Read our blog here that hopefully gives you some tips on how to get comfortable. However we highly recommend coming in for an assessment so we can get to the root cause of what is causing you pain.

We welcome all expecting mothers and have an amazing treatment plan that is so gentle and safe. Come in for an initial complimentary consult. Many expecting mothers worry about having a chiropractor twist and pop their spine. Be assured that we DO NOT pop or twist the spine but provide the ultimate in spine therapy.

We welcome families from infants to adults at Divine Spine. Our treatment is very gentle and effective. So yes, bring your babies, toddlers and children in. We will evaluate and ensure the right treatment plan is provided.

A typical care program lasts between 6 and 12 weeks. After that, we provide the option of maintenance care to stabilize and preserve the health of the spine. Our ideal relationship with our clients lasts years as they choose us to be part of their healthcare team as are their family doctor, dentist, optometrist and personal trainer.

We are sorry to hear that you have been in an accident. Some common signs and symptoms of having whiplash include, neck pain, stiffness and headaches. So yes, we can help you: See more information here:

Neck Pain


We have a great posture correction treatment plan at Divine Spine. Come in for an initial complimentary assessment.

No. There are guidelines on who needs x-rays and who does not. We follow the recommended guidelines.
That being said, we tend to x-ray more often than not. It allows us to get an in-depth understanding of your spine and provide great care.
If you are pregnant or functioning well, we will not x-ray you.

Our x-ray machines are digital and low in radiation. We simply take them to give us a clearer assessment on the root cause of your problem. It is also a great way to physically see what the before and after treatment results have done for you. 

Every case is different. Our initial consults are free. Once we understand what your treatment plan should look like we will provide you with options. We accept PPO insurance and have very affordable payment plans as well. 

Typically, you can get an appointment at one of our clinics within a day or two of your call.

Typically, you can get an appointment at one of our clinics within a day or two of your call.

Yorba Linda is a beautiful city in Orange County, California. According to Wikipedia, Yorba Linda is a suburban city in Orange County, California, approximately 37 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. The suburb’s most famous resident was Richard Nixon. His birthplace is a National Historic Landmark, at his presidential library and museum located there. There is plenty of free parking and nice restaurants next to our clinic.

Yes parking is free at our Yorba Linda location. 

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