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Lower & Upper Back Pain Doctor in Orange County

Do you experience acute or chronic back pain? You’re not alone – nearly 85 percent of individuals report feeling mild to severe back pain at a stage in their life. Identifying back pain can be difficult in spite of how common an occurrence it is. Every doctor has a slightly different set of recommendations, but regular care such as exercises and stretching are always a key factor. A chiropractor comes into play when back pain becomes a severe hindrance to your quality of life – in addition to this a great Chiropractor in Orange County can give you tips for maintaining spine wellness.

In a 2018 study conducted by JAMA Network Open chiropractic care patients were proven to have lower pain intensity, improved range and function, high satisfaction with their treatment, and a large reduction in the reliance on pain medicine. In addition to helping relieve generalized pain, many chiropractic physicians specialize in different areas of the field – these specializations include pediatrics, rehabilitation, neurology, nutrition, sports medicine, orthopedics, internal disorders, and occupational health. Chiropractic treatment encompasses a non-invasive, hands-on methodology – the major difference with Divine Spine is that there’s no scary popping or severe spinal adjustments – instead, the procedures are taken care of by sophisticated chiropractic machines. This methodology is referred to as machine assisted chiropractic care. Another tool that a chiropractor may use, aside from spinal manipulation, is mobilization. Mobilization is low-velocity therapy that focuses on stretching and movement of joints and muscles in order to increase an individual’s range of motion in the problem areas.

Lower Back Pain

Back pain of all kinds can be a painful and debilitating issue for those affected – studies have shown that back pain is the number one driver of disability in individuals under the age of 45. It can affect both your quality of life and career. Before any chiropractic care is delivered we assess your vertebra, ligaments, intervertebral discs, and muscles in order to assess how best to treat the problem. Some of the most common causes of lower back pain include joint dysfunction, muscular problems, degenerated discs, and lumbar disc herniation.

Upper Back Pain

This type of back pain is one of the most common among Americans and can stem from a number of causes. Poor posture, joint dysfunction, degenerated discs, and thoracic disc herniation are all common culprits of mild to severe back pain. We can utilize our computerized adjustment system to restore proper alignment without any twisting or popping. If you’re experiencing back pain in Orange County, contact us today HERE.
Lower & Upper Back Pain Doctor in Orange County
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Lower & Upper Back Pain Doctor in Orange County
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Are you suffering from chronic lower back pain or perhaps your upper back as well? At Divine Spine Yorba Linda we treat pain with a unique chiropractic procedure without any twisting or popping.

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