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Migraines are chronic headaches that can at times cripple someone. Some people need to be in a dark room, others are so nauseous they aren’t able to do very much. The pain is so bad that it prevents people from going to work, talking to their family members and often times, serious pain medication is required.

The problem with taking pain medication is that it does not address the root cause of the problem, causing the migraine. When this happens, it is a constant cycle of pain to medication. At Divine Spine Yorba Linda we study the root cause of the problem, the issues that reside in your spine that is causing the migraine. There are plenty of possible causes and our doctor will take x-rays, to review the condition of the spine before prescribing a treatment plan. Most patients who suffer from migraines have been very happy with the results of our process and computerized chiropractic treatment plan.

Not the typical Chiropractor!

We are not the typical chiropractor where we adjust your spine by twisting or popping it, we use a very gentle computerized treatment procedure – one that you should come in just to experience it. No physical adjustment is done, everything is measured and your care is complimented with some exercises that will be carefully discussed with you during your consult.

Migraines may cost you your job and perhaps your living habits. So invest in proper spine therapy that will help you immensely. We also treat posture correction cases click HERE

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