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One of the most common complaints that we hear from patients is regarding long-term neck pain. Neck pain has many different potential sources which our neck pain doctors in Orange County can help you identify. The human head weighs, on average, 10 to 12 pounds and everything ranging from stress and poor posture can result in chronic neck pain. Every specialist has a different set of recommendations for treating neck pain but in most cases exercise and stretching are always a first recommendation. When those solutions fail and the case becomes chronic, that’s when an Orange County neck pain doctor can help maintain your neck and spine health. At its root, neck pain is caused when two vertebrae are suffering from restricted motion or misalignment. It’s often accompanied by irritation of the surrounding nerves and muscle. The proper term for this condition is cervical subluxation and there are many potential causes that can lead to a chronic case.

Cervical Subluxation Causes

Overextended Muscles – Bending your neck too far forward or backward when sleeping, working, or exercising can put a strain on your neck. Pushing your neck too far forward (hyperflexion) or backwards (hyperextensions) can eventually lead to cervical subluxation which in turn can result in soreness, pain, and a stiff neck.

Poor Posture – Working from home puts all of us at risk for chronic spine and neck problems. Hunching over your work station puts an unusual amount of pressure on your muscles and spine. By fixing your working from home setup and sitting posture you can solve some of the dangers of this source of cervical subluxation. We have a slew of tips in our comprehensive article HERE.

“Text Neck” – Often seen when individuals are spending a lot of time on their phone or texting, this type of strain across when bending the head forward at a 45 degree angle – studies have shown that this position can put up to 50 pounds of pressure on the neck and cause strain to the cervical spine causing postural subluxation.

Accident or Other Trauma – A sports injury, car accident, or fall may cause trauma days after the event occurred. If you develop numbness, a tingling sensation in the hands or legs, or general weakness or fatigue call to make an appointment right away.

Neck Pain Doctor Orange County
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Neck Pain Doctor Orange County
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