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Nichole Harvey

Nichole Harvey

Clinic Manager

Hi, I am Nichole.  I am the office manager at Divine Spine in Orange Hills.  I have the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Sawhney for 5 years and absolutely respect the dedication to the care and well-being he has for all of his patients.  

My role is to graciously welcome you and your family into our new state of the art office.  I will listen to your concerns and help facilitate a treatment schedule that will fit with you and your family’s busy life.  I also assist Dr. Sawhney with teaching Divine Spine’s home stretches and exercises that are designed to compliment the treatments received in our office.  It is our experience that when patients, Doctors and staff work together as a team, our patient’s health goals are reached faster and it lessens our patient’s dependency on in-office adjustments.  Finding the root cause of your pain and discomfort is paramount in helping reach your goals!  Dr. Sawhney excels in seeking out the true reasons for your pain.  Another one of my duties is to educate people as to how receiving Computerized Spine and Joint Therapy at Divine Spine is changing people’s lives for the better.   I would love to meet you and your family and show you the many benefits of starting care at Divine Spine.

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