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Pain and Spine Doctor Yorba Linda

Divine Spine Yorba Linda is focused on assisting patients with pain related to the spine. This includes a number of different pain related issues to the spine that require a good understanding of what is causing the pain. This includes:

  1. General back pain
  2. Chronic back pain
  3. Lower back pain
  4. Sciatica
  5. Headaches
  6. Migraines
  7. Upper back and shoulder pain
  8. Numbness in hands or feet
  9. Shooting pain in hands or feet
  10. Herniated disc
  11. Bulging disc

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Pain Management at Divine Spine

We have an alternative chiropractic treatment approach that DOES NOT involve twisting or popping the spine. We ALWAYS assess your condition first so we analyze the root cause of your problem. Our doctor will take x-rays, meet with you to discuss your case and a treatment plan is designed accordingly. Masking your pain with pain killers is not going to resolve what is truly causing you your pain.

We DO NOT perform Surgery

We do not perform surgery at Divine Spine Yorba Linda. However, we have had many patients who have been told they need surgery come to us for a second opinion. Many have opted to be treated by Divine Spine, their individual cases have resulted in them avoiding surgery. We don’t guarantee this for all patients but we welcome the opportunity to give you a second opinion. Every case is different.

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