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Are you suffering from back or neck pain?

If you live in Orange County California, you will know the city Yorba Linda. This is where Divine Spine USA’s head office is located providing computerized spine treatments, changing the lives of so many people. Divine Spine is focused on fixing the root cause of the problem, where pain might be in the neck, upper shoulder, upper back, lower back or shooting pain down the legs. At times tingling and numbness in the hands and feet are triggered by issues in the spine. Because the spine is home to the central nervous system this is such an important part of your body that cannot and must not be taken for granted.

Read all our reviews on Google, we have close to 50 different reviews, a lot more on Yelp and some here on our website. The reason for these testimonials is because we have changed lives, we have changed their lifestyles, by giving them the attention they need, the medical treatment plan that addresses issues that no one else has done in the past. Read more about us HERE

Every case is different, but you have a choice to get a spine treatment plan that involves:

  1. No surgery (if you do require surgery we will refer you out)
  2. No twisting or popping of the spine
  3. No physical manipulation or adjustments
  4. FULL computerized treatment that is tailored to the condition you are in

Come in for an initial complimentary assessment so that we can give you our full analysis, so that not only are you confident in our treatment but this will also allow us to confident that we can treat you. Make an appointment with us today HERE

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