Hello, My name is Sarah and I am the Financial and Wellness Coordinator at Divine Spine. I attended the Orange County School of the Arts for 6 years and currently attend the California State University of Fullerton as a Public Health Major. My goal once I graduate is to attend physician assistant school and receive my masters degree in science. Being part of generation Z, technology has been a necessity for my education and social connection with my peers. However, I never took the time to realize the detrimental effects it was having on my body. When I began treatments at Divine Spine I was hesitant of traditional methods of adjustments. I was then delighted to find out that Divine Spine uses the Sigma machine which is a much more gentle and safer treatment. Divine Spine has given me the opportunity to elevate my own health as well as career. With the improvement I have see in my own life, I can’t wait to educate and watch the same growth in our patients.