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Spine Health Tips: Lifestyle Renovation In 3 Easy Steps

The Merriam–Webster Dictionary defines Renovation as 1 – To restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding),

2 – to restore to life, vigor, or activity.

Have you ever thought about renovating your lifestyle? Naturally, most of us think of a house when we hear the word ‘renovate’. The way you have lived until now has brought you to where you are physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. Your lifestyle is your choice and your responsibility. Renovating it can be done in 3 easy steps and NOW is a great time to start!

Your Nervous System

First, get your nervous system working at its best. Your nervous system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, and organ in your body and allows your body to respond to its internal and external environments. Gray’s Anatomy says this about the nervous system:  “It is the mechanism concerned with the correlation and integration of various body processes and the reactions and adjustments of the organism to its environment.” [1] This means that your nervous system allows you to adapt and live in our constantly changing world. Keeping your nervous system free from interference must be a top priority in your lifestyle renovation.

Food and Diet

Food is the second step of your lifestyle renovation. No kidding, you are what you eat. Your body rebuilds itself constantly replacing every single cell, over the course of 7 years. If you are eating processed foods, packaged foods or fast food, this can be very destructive to your health now and as you age. Instead, fill your body with fresh vegetables, fruit, proteins, and healthy fats. Science shows us that we are living longer. The fastest growing segment of our population is the centenarians, or 100 year old, age group.  How do you and your family want to be when you get to 100 years old or older? How healthy do you want your journey to be?

The World Health Organization says that increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption can lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke. [2]

A healthy spine and nervous system give you the best chance of absorbing the nutrients from the foods you eat. Remember your nervous system: The nerves that exit from the upper neck, mid-back and lumbar regions of the spine send messages to your stomach, gall bladder, and intestines controlling digestion. The health of these organs should be a priority!  At Divine Spine, we utilize computerized spine and joint therapy to help restore motion and optimize neurological function.  There is no twisting nor any popping involved.  We utilize high definition digital x-rays to identify the root cause of the problem.

Endurance Training

The third step to renovating your lifestyle and living a quality life as you age is healthy movement. You will recall from other health articles that to do this you have to Get Your ESS in Shape ™ – Endurance, Strength, and Structure.  Endurance training exercises your heart and lungs. You need Strength to remain independent as you age. Structure determines the quality of your health because it houses your spinal cord and central nervous system. A healthy structure keeps you aligned and helps maximize healthy movement.

You have a lot of living to do. Getting your ESS in shape now will help you both now and down the road. Harvard did a study that not only says you can reduce your risk of disease by exercising, but you can also feel better and live a longer life! [3].

Before the years fly by, commit to starting your lifestyle renovation now. Begin eating better, get your body moving, and make an appointment to get your spine and nervous system checked to help optimize the function of all your organs and systems. Your quality of life depends on it!

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