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Client Testimonials

I have had neck and back problems most my life. After
diving off a snorkel boat 4 years ago, my neck has
been much worse. I have spent the last 4 years going
to neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons,
acupuncturists, etc to help with the headaches, neck
pain, left scapula pain and left arm/hand numbness. |
was actually scheduled for a 3 level cervical fusion on.
2/16/22 with dr Richard Lee. My daughter got covid on
2/06/22 so | had to cancel my pre-op week and
surgery. Dr Lee then decided | was not a surgical
candidate leaving me absolutely confused and pretty
pissed off. Feeling like | was at square one again |
decided to go a different route. About 6 months prior
anew business in the center | work in opened up –
Divine Spine, Feeling | was at an all time low, I decided
to give it a try. First impression was a very clean, well
organized office. Then, after a few appointments | felt
my constant neck/scapula spasms ease a bit. | noticed
my ROM was a little better and my headache activity,
was decreasing. | am now 18 sessions into a 30
session block and I’m telling you | have not felt this
good in 4 years. | am optimistic my progress will
continue. | went from a scheduled fusion to less pain,
numbness and decreased headaches!

Dr Sawhney is knowledgeable, personable and
professional. | owe my renewed spine health to Or
Sawhney and his staff. Everything happens for a
reason!!! – John P

“The most advanced chiropractic treatment! Not those traditional popping and cracking which was always the reason for me to stay away from chiro treatments. The staff here is super friendly and helpful Sara Peyton and Nicole. Dr Sawhney is very knowledgeable. You will get your X-ray to see the results and progress of how your spine is doing. The facility is very clean, They clean after every patient so you are safe. There will be videos of exercises you can do at home that they will email you. I have been going here for a year already and will continue to go” – Tram Vu

Dr. Sawhney conducted another set of X-Rays and my neck improved tremendously! I could tell the treatments were working just based off of how I was feeling, but seeing the side by side comparisons in both sets of X-Rays was crazy!
I now hardly ever get migraines and continue to feel an improvement after every session. Not only is Dr. Sawfiney extremely knowledgeable, but both he and the staff are so nice and genuinely care about their patients. Thank you for everything!” – Ryan Beach

“T have been a patient of Dr. Sawhney’s for years. As someone who spends most of my day behind a desk, I have noticed a huge improvement in my posture and overall
health since starting treatment. Dr. Sawhney is so personable and caring and my  hole family Benefits from his practice.” – Jordan Kietel

DR. Sawhney and his have been so wonderful in my journey of pain from my back After only 8 visits the pain is almost gone. I can enjoy my passion of running again I have learned so much about the nervous system and how it affects how we feel I feel I’ve been set free and able to enjoy the things I love. For anybody who wants to be free from pain and live a better life, Dr Sawhney is the Dr to see. Also very efficient on reminders of your appointments. The office is run so amazing!!! Thanks guys. – Erin Petrossi

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