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Are you suffering from pain and discomfort in your jaw? Have you noticed that over the last few weeks, that it hurts to open your mouth, speak, chew, turn your head and possibly have headaches as well? You might be suffering from TMJ, also known as Temporomandibular Joint Pain. There are many reasons why you may be in pain, and our spine doctors have a proprietary treatment program for TMJ patients.

At Divine Spine Yorba Linda, our philosophy is to understand and examine the root cause of your pain first. We take x-rays, we identify causes that pertain to your pain and recommend a treatment program for you. We do not twist or pop your spine nor we do we perform surgery, at Divine Spine Yorba Linda. Find more about how we treat our patients HERE. If you don’t get the right TMJ treatment, this can deteriorate further where you could end up having, pain with your jaw joints, ear pain, chronic headaches, jaw clicking and popping and possibly locking of your jaw joint. We will examine your posture and spine during the initial examination to establish why you are in pain.

We are the TMJ Treatment Center in Yorba Linda, Orange County, that both doctors, dentist and other chiropractors refer to. Our treatment is very gentle and effective. We have patients who come to us from all over California, across the USA and some from International countries like Germany and the UK. If you are coming from to us from far away, please let us know in advance.

If you think you have TMJ, make an appointment with our spine doctor. All initial consultations are complimentary.


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