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Unique Chiropractic Care Treats A Sinus Condition

Reoccurring pain is a malady that too many people grow accustomed to in their day-to-day lives. Some people expect joint pain when they stand after sitting in especially soft chairs. Others know that after a day of work at the computer, their neck will be stiff and their back will spasm. Still, others experience some sort of chronic pain consistently, suffering through the discomfort. Out of desperation, some will turn to surgery and other drastic measures to reduce their pain. Chiropractic therapy can gently, yet efficiently heal the pain.

Case Study – Deviated Septum

A patient suffering from severe sinus issues recently came into Divine Spine Yorba Linda after nearly a decade of pain. Her pain was caused by a deviated septum and had grown suddenly even worse at the start of last year. After eight months of ENT appointments, a CT scan, allergy panels, several antibiotic treatments, and other medication, she was frustrated and miserable. Out of desperation, she began to consider surgery, but surgery is not without risk.

Divine Spine Offers A Unique Chiropractic Treatment for A Sinus Condition

Septoplasty and septorhinoplasty are common and safe procedures, so side effects are rare but not unheard of. No surgery is completely risk-free, and the benefits of undergoing surgery — in this case, being able to breathe better — must outweigh the risks. No longer receiving sufficient relief from home remedies and care like neti pots, this patient was also hesitant to choose the surgery route. In her search for alternative routes, she came across Atlas Displacement Complex.

Atlas Displacement Complex

The very first bone in the neck is called Atlas. It is a ring-like bone at the junction where the head and neck meet. The second neck bone is called Axis and is found just below Atlas. Atlas and Axis together are commonly referred to as the upper cervical spine and are found close to the brain stem. The brain stem controls and coordinates virtually all of your body’s vital functions. When damage to the connective tissues occurs due to accidents and injuries, Atlas and Axis can misalign and lock into a stressed abnormal position, resulting in pressure, tension, irritation, disruption to blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid circulation. With time Atlas displacement will also result in postural distortion in the spine below. Stuck in an abnormal configuration it will slowly cause health problems over time. For many, the average time to onset of symptoms is 10-15 years. This is why people not even currently experiencing pain can benefit from visiting a chiropractor and searching for a ‘chiropractor near me‘ – solve issues before they come to problems.


When the woman above came to Divine Spine Yorba Linda she began experiencing relief from her sinus pain after just three sessions. She continued to see Dr. Sawhney and received relief not only from the sinus pain, but from other issues she had experienced for years like sciatica pain, neck and lower back pain, carpal tunnel, and tingling on the right side of her body. All of these are issues that the gentle treatment received by the Electronic Vertebral Alignment system at Divine Spine Yorba Linda were able to help. The treatment not only feels good by relieving pain, but Dr. Sawhney was able to show this patient, and so many others, physical changes within the spinal system by comparing before and after X-rays.

Dr. Sawhney will diagnose, treat, and help prevent musculoskeletal (bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, joints, and connective tissues) conditions and disorders and the effect they have on the nervous system. By keeping the nervous system healthy and skeletal system aligned, many short-term injuries can be avoided, and persistent chronic pain can be healed. For more information, to schedule treatment, or to begin preventive care, contact Divine Spine Yorba Linda here.

Unique Chiropractic Care Treats A Sinus Condition
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Unique Chiropractic Care Treats A Sinus Condition
Sinus conditions are painful and cripple many. It gets to a point where the Neti pot is just not enough! At Divine Spine Yorba Linda, our unique chiropractic care offered extremely successful outcomes for a sinus condition. We hope this story gives hope to others.
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