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Studies indicate that upper back pain is very common among Americans, especially because most people hold their stress in this area. The thoracic spine is between the neck and low back.

There are 12 vertebra (T1 to T12) stacked vertically connected by ligaments with an intervertebral disc between them. A healthy disc is like a cushion and acts likes a shock absorber for the spine allowing for flexibility. There are also layers of muscles that support and provide movement to the upper and middle back.

Back and Shoulder Pain
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Suffering from debilitating back and shoulder pain? Simply working over a computer or slouching the shoulders while using a tablet or phone can lead to poor posture and uncomfortable pain. Other issues such as joint dysfunction, degenerated discs, and thoracic disc herniation are common among Americans. Call us today to find out how we can assess your issues through x-ray and get to the root of your back and shoulder pain.

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