Urgent Care For Back Pain & Neck Pain For Residents In Anaheim Hills

Before visiting an urgent care center for any spinal issues, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING.

Are you currently experiencing back pain or neck pain?

We highly encourage you to call Divine Spine Yorba Linda BEFORE visiting an urgent care center. Our staff will return calls or messages and help schedule you for the soonest appointment in order to address your back or neck pain.  Our office is currently open for in-person visits during our normal business hours. Our facility follows all CDC guidelines – alternatively, we offer telehealth consultations. 

Should I visit an urgent care for back and neck pain?

If you’re experiencing unbearable pain like headaches, lower or upper back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, it is generally better to consult a specialist who can help identify the root cause of the problem. Even discomfort such as numbness or tingling in the hands and feet or shooting pain in the hands or feet should be treated by a doctor who will take the time to understand your history and lifestyle with the attention to detail that’s needed to treat these types of problems. 

Why should I seek help from a specialist for neck and back pain?

When receiving spine related treatment from a general doctor through an ER or Urgent Care it’s rare to find an individual who will address the root of the problem – instead oftentimes these doctors will refer out to a specialist for additional care. Prescribed pain killers may provide temporary pain relief but our years of experience have taught us that it almost never resolves to root cause of your issue. Save yourself from making multiple trips to your nearest urgent care or ER and make an appointment with us.

When you come to Divine Spine Yorba Linda our team of chiropractors analyze your spine, take x-rays and deliver gentle, effective treatment without any twisting, popping, or sudden movements.

Tips on Things To Do While You Wait For Your Appointment

You can try to reduce pain leading up to your appointment date with an ice pack. Apply it for 15-20 minutes every 2 hours. Please ensure that you are wearing a mask upon visiting Divine Spine Yorba Linda and if you have a temperature please wait until you have a clear COVID test. WE respect all CDC guidelines under Covid-19 restrictions.

To schedule an appointment with the Divine Spine Yorba Linda please contact us HERE today.

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