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Chiropractic care for disability

Neurodiversity, Disability, and Chiropractic Care

For many of us, it is easy to take good health for granted until an illness or accident occurs. Then we’re abruptly forced to realize that when we’re physically limited by pain or other disruptive symptoms, every aspect of our daily lives is affected in ways we don’t necessarily anticipate. Experiences like that may give us a new perspective on those who live with physical disabilities or chronic conditions that are either a constant or that can threaten a return of pain or limited mobility at any time, even if someone is enjoying a period of good health at the moment.

However, what about the disabilities you can’t see, and that aren’t necessarily about how your body feels? In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of various neurodivergent conditions such as autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorders that affect how individuals behave, interact, and experience the world around them. In the same way that someone with a physical disability isn’t defined solely by what doesn’t work, neurodivergent people are individuals with strengths and abilities beyond the challenges they may experience. Yet, those challenges can make it difficult for them to access and receive care that they need due to factors that neurotypical people may not even notice.

Why It Can Be Hard to Seek Care

Would you believe something as simple as having to make a phone call could stand in the way of someone making an appointment to have back pain, sciatica, or migraine headaches treated? For autistic adults, that experience can be very real—in one survey, 62% of autistic adults polled cited difficulty in making appointments by phone as a barrier to accessing healthcare. Other significant barriers noted were difficulty in communicating with their provider during the appointment, not feeling understood, long waits to get appointments, being unable to see the provider they wanted, and the waiting room environment.

In fact, almost everyone who’s dealt with a medical issue has had the experience of waiting forever to get an appointment, to then be shunted to a specialist (with more waits), referred to a diagnostic center for imaging (even more waiting)—lots of phone calls, lots of strangers, lots of unfamiliar environments. For those who battle sensory sensitivities such as to bright lights, strong odors, or unfamiliar noises, every new place has the potential to trigger anxiety or worse. The expectation that an appointment might involve unexpected pain or an unexplained procedure can be an additional deterrent. The result is patients suffering needlessly.

Creating an Inclusive Care Environment

At Divine Spine, we do things differently. First, our chiropractic technique is different from the traditional method. Instead of harsh adjustments, our Electronic Vertebral Alignment (EVA) system delivers precise, targeted adjustments to the spine to improve alignment and mobility. No popping, no twisting, and no additional pain, just gentle, comfortable, predictable relief.

We start with a thorough examination, including on-site X-rays, to determine the cause of your neck or back pain and to create an individualized treatment plan that we thoroughly review with you. We understand that the unknown fuels anxiety, so we’re here to answer all your questions so that you can receive treatment with confidence. There is no running back and forth between different offices to try to piece together information and care, with frustrating delays and miscommunication. Instead, you can get back on a path to wellness, guided by our caring and familiar staff.

Divine Spine is here to make your experience of treating back pain, neck pain, migraines, sciatica, and more as comfortable and effective as possible, from the moment you reach out to our office. For example, we have a handy online appointment request form so you can arrange your visit in the way that’s most accessible for you, if you prefer written communication in lieu of a phone call. Everybody deserves to live a life free of pain—to learn more about how Divine Spine can help you access the chiropractic care you need, contact us here today.

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