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Are you looking for a sciatica spine doctor in the Orange County area? 

We serve the Orange County community from our Yorba Linda facility and welcome people both locally and far away who seek our alternative spine treatment that is non-surgical. Meet with our sciatica and spine doctor to find out more about what you should be doing.

The spine is an amazing structure but when issues like Sciatica arise, the body gets irritated and the pain is a major distraction and annoyance. The pain can be simply crippling. We have seen patients unable to walk, and their lives put on hold because of the pain. Pain killers can only do so much, it does not tackle the root cause of the problem causing the pain.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and its roots emerge from the spinal column in the lumbar region and travel all the way to the foot. This is why managing sciatica means improving the health of your back (spine).

Here are 3 quick helpful tips to reduce Sciatica symptoms:

1. Put an icepack at the small of your back for 20 min. This will help in inflammation management and reduce pain.

2. Stretch. Hamstring runners stretch is a good start. In addition, yoga poses like the downward dog has been known to help.

3. Go for walks. Movement is great for the spine and helps reduce irritation of nerves. Hard to say when every move hurts but try to walk!

4. Consult a spine doctor at Divine Spine who can investigate this further.

Try to avoid treatment that involves popping or twisting of the spine during treatment. At Divine Spine our doctors are focused on getting to the root cause of your sciatica problem. We will take x-rays, review your condition with you and perform treatment without twisting or popping of your spine. We used computerized technology and the expertise of our doctors to get you back on your feet. You might also benefit from reading our blog on back pain HERE

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